Youth Club

Message for the Youth

scan0010.jpgHumble and give to the lord

Sis. Benita Wellington

“Humble yourselves therefore under mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time” I Peter 5:6.
My dear friends you may wonder why we need to humble ourselves. But as a youngster we are the generation of the coming years. We need to achieve many things and many trust in us. I myself as a youngster I have seen that lord Jesus is very pleased when we humble ourselves. He said “humble himself like a little child” in Mat 18:4. Lord Jesus is waiting to use you and me because these are the end times and his prophesy has to be fulfilled. As God said in book of Joel 2:16 that in the last days I shall pour my spirit upon all flesh and young will prophesy and see visions and dreams.

You may wonder does God really want to use me. Yes my dear friends. There is an example in the bible. When God was preaching many people followed him to listen to him and it was dark and the disciples came to Jesus and said the people could go back and buy themselves the food they need but Jesus wanted to feed his children and it is written in John 6:9 “there is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves and two small fishes” so when Jesus asked if any one has any food he came forward and gave it to Jesus. And he took it and multitude was blessed though what that boy did is a small thing but it turned in to a blessing. Think for a while if that boy refused to give his food, many would be left hungry but he didn’t do so. And he got the blessing.

In the same way we need to humble ourselves and give whatever we have to Jesus then he will turn it into a blessing and also will give you the blessings too. You may wonder I am weak, I can’t do anything right but just remember this Jesus is always with you. He will bless you in your studies, job, and family and even in your ministry to the Lord. Just ask him to use you and fill you with his blessing.