Sis. Hemalatha wellington was born on 15th May. She is the granddaughter of Mrs. Naomi Swamiyadiyon who was in the Lord and was the women’s secretary in Oyangudi of the Tirunelveli diocese for 30 years. Ever since childhood         Sis. Hema grew in the faith of our lord Jesus Christ. Though her family was going through poverty she learned about fasting and praying from her mother. She attended prayers along with her friends when she was young. They used to gather in the afternoon time in the wilderness called Theri south side of Oyangudi near Nazareth in Tamil Nadu. Once during the prayer Holy Spirit through her friend, prophesied over her that she would be the prophetess for the nations. She accepted Lord Jesus in the year 1979 during the youth retreat by Bro. Mohan C Lazarus in Nazareth Margoschis collage at Pillaiyanmani in Nazareth, Tamilnadu. She completed her nursing course in Madurai and worked in CMC Vellore hospital there in 1989 in the month of April she took water baptism in A.G church in Vellore. She worked in many hospitals as a staff nurse. In 1990 October God took her to Saudi Arabia to work. After two years on her return she married Bro. A.D.D. Wellington on 18th February1993. They together preached about the word of God and our Lord Jesus Christ used her as a servant of God and made her to stand for him. Though there were many struggles God blessed her. God blessed her with three children, Benita, Beniel and Joel. In 2001she came back to India, and God used her and her husband while staying in India. After three years she joined her husband in the land of Bahrain.  Though she is still working in a hospital, God is using her according to his calling. God enabled her to stand in the all night prayers, fasting meetings, counseling. God had touched many people through her testimonies of her life and now God has kept her family on high.  As she grew up her family faced poverty, by the grace of God he lifted them to great heights. God has placed the responsibility which her grandmother was actively performing and now sis. Hema comforts many women in pain.