Bro. A. D. D WELLINGTON is the founder of the Jesus Marvellous Ministry. He was born on April 19, 1967, in a small town called Nazareth in Tamil Nadu. Lord Jesus Christ delivered him from all the clutches of the Sinful nature after he got united with his wife ‘Hema Wellington’ in a Holy matrimony on February 18, 1993. He then went to JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA on April 7, 1994. He had a very tough life over there being torn by the ailments of poverty and agony of unemployment. Unable to bear the agony of these problems, on August 14, 1994, He attended the JEDDAH TAMIL FELLOWSHIP, which introduced him to Jesus Christ. He experienced a sudden wave of divine peace and hope in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Bro. A.D.D.WELLINGTON took over the St. JOHN’S RED SEA PRAYER TOWER (CHEAPEL CHURCH) in JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA on August 19, 1996 and produced Christian Audio cassettes over there. He left Saudi Arabia on August 19, 2001 according to the Plan of the Lord. Bro. A. D. D. WELLINGTON started to minister to the people of INDIA as soon as leaving from there. On October 12, 2001, at 10 O’clock in the morning, the Lord Jesus Christ once again told to Bro. A.D.D.WELLINGTON and revealed about the plan for the men and women who want to join as partners in the Jesus Marvellous Ministry. In September 11, 2003, God brought Bro. A. D. D. WELLINGTON to the Kingdom of BAHRAIN as an ambassador of Our Lord Jesus.

His wife HEMA has stood with him in all his joys and sorrows and also extends her hand in the ministry of wiping tears of millions and building up broken homes. His daughter BENITA and his sons BENIEL & JOEL has been working with him, when they received the call from the Lord.


100_0038.jpgTHE HIGH CALLING

The Calling of God was very specific and accurate to the man of God. He has been serving the Lord Jesus Christ for Fifteen years of diligently! He preached about the love that will console the people’s broken hearts and heal their diseased bodies. He has been a witness to the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord and Savior is still performing his mighty acts and deed in front of all the children of God.







On April 6, 1996, He took the water baptism in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia. And on May 10, 1996, Bro. A.D.D.WELLINGTON was anointed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Since then, whenever he preaches and prays at meetings, God has been performing his Wonders and Marvellous things. He also visits people personally in their houses.
During the Prayer meetings, the Prophetic anointing can be seen miraculously by the prefect revelation from the Lord Jesus Christ. People who are suffering from tumors and cancer are healed. People are amazed by the powerful acts of God.
On April 6, 1996, Bro. A.D.D.WELLINGTON delivered his first message from God to Christian people in St. JOHN’S RED SEA PRAYER TOWER (CHEAPEL CHURCH) in JEDDAH, SAUDI ARABIA. God made him to experience the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.




With a glorious vision and words of assurance, God blessed Bro. A.D.D.WELLINGTON as his servant for persistently seeking Him in the midst of all the obstacles.


The ‘JESUS MARVELLOUS MINISTRY’ came into being as a one-man ministry on 27 March, 2003. Bro. A.D.D.WELLINGTON considered men and women from all over the world, as children of God. He considered their tears as his own and preached to them the love and compassion of Christ. He invoked the Lord’s blessings and pleaded Him to perform miracles that will wipe away the tears of the multitudes.

Apart from his job as a top executive in a Company, he devoted himself to God’s ministry with utmost zeal. The power of Christ was manifested in his preaching and prayers. “Jesus Marvellous Ministry” spread far and wide. Today with God’s grace, it has grown into a International ministry, spreading the Good News to the world.




Men and women from all parts of India and abroad hailing from different denominations attend the prayer meetings and receive something new from the Lord. In these meetings, the Lord anoints the people with His Holy Spirit, supernatural power and grace to carry the Good News of His love and compassion to the uttermost parts of the earth. Truly, these Evangelists now shine like stars in their churches as well as in the spiritual world.

In the 2010s, Bro. A.D.D.WELLINGTON also started the video ministry by recording his powerful messages in video cassettes in Bahrain and today these cassettes are taken all around the world carrying words of comfort, healing and deliverance to people. People have experienced healing from diseases, revelations and comfort from the Lord Jesus Christ through these cassettes.

Having established this international ministry, Bro. A. D. D. WELLINGTON continuously try in various other possible ways of fulfilling the mission of carrying the love and compassion of Christ to the millions.