About Us

Jesus Marvellous is a global ministry founded by Bro. A. D. D. Wellington and Sis. Hema wellington with a divine vision to heal millions of brokenhearted people through the matchless love and compassion of Jesus Christ. The ministry operates with a dedicated mission. “Pray for all people of all nations and all backgrounds” – who are sick and troubled, having none to intercede for them so as to receive miracles from the Almighty God. Thus, Jesus Marvellous Ministry is fully committed to bring God’s immense blessings.


To bring healing to the broken hearted, giving them hope through PrayerTo raise Prayer Intercessors who pray and serve with compassion.To help the poor and needy with elfare and social assistance programmes.The family of Jesus Marvellous lead these services with the support of thousands of well wishers and prayer intercessors worldwide.

The Wellingtons have travelled to various parts of India to preach the word of God. God has been showing many signs, wonders and miracles according to the promise given to his apostles in his word.



Although Jesus Marvellous is a Christian Ministry that was established in India in 2003; the ministry began way earlier in the year 1996 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This Christian ministry began with a few members in the year 1996 in Saudi Arabia. But now has branches in India and also in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


After Bro. A.D.D. Wellington and Sis. Hema were united in holy matrimony, they went together to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in the year 1994 and worked there for about 8 years. While in Saudi, The lord intervened in Bro. Wellington’s life and gave him the ministry to lead the St. John’s Red Sea Prayer Tower in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1996. The laws of the country prohibited all non-Islamic activity and persecuted those who were involved in Christian activities. Although Bro. Wellington knew about this, he continued to serve the lord and conducted prayer meetings in secret churches in Saudi Arabia. As a family, Bro. Wellington and Sis. Hema served the lord opening their house door for christian prayer meetings. During the year 2000-2001, the Ministry of interior authority of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia arrested many pastors and servants of God. In this period, Lord protected Bro. Wellington and miraculously took him back to India in 2001.


Bro. Wellington and Sis. Hema Wellington then ministered in various churches and villages around Tamil Nadu. It was then in the year 2003, JESUS MARVELLOUS was registered as a Trust in India. And so the name Jesus Marvellous was established according to word that God spoke with Bro. Wellington. “I shew unto him Marvellous things- Micah 7:15”


Once the ministry was established, God opened a new door for the Wellingtons to go back to the Arab Gulf to serve and preach his gospel. Bro. Wellington left to the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2003 and Sis. Hema joined with him in the next year. And once again they started to conduct prayer meetings in Bahrain. Their Children BENITA, BENIEL and JOEL joined them in 2006.
Even though Bro. Wellington had received ordination as a pastor from Pastor.MK Sam Sundaram – ACA Church, he was silent in revealing himself as a pastor among the various churches in Bahrain till 2006. When he had become active in ministries, conducting more services independently around Bahrain under the ministry name Jesus Marvellous, Bro. Wellington declared boldly that it was God’s work that he was doing and no church can stop him from doing it expect God himself. As more and more people were inspired to join the congregations under “Jesus Marvellous”, Bro. Wellington registered the ministry as JEUS MARVELLOUS INTERNATIONAL Church under the St.Christopher’s Cathedral in Bahrain. By the end of the year 2006, Jesus Marvellous had become a recognized Christian international church in Kingdom of Bahrain.

Pastor Wellington shepherds this tamil-english congregation with 3 weekly services and special monthly prayer meetings- All Night Prayer, Fasting Prayer-in the Arab nation: Kingdom of Bahrain. Jesus Marvellous conducts an exclusive Bible Conference every year: MAHANAIM – on the 1st of May with a powerful teaching from the word of God. Jesus Marvellous Church has been firm on its non-denomination motto that “We are just Christians and not divided into denominations” .


The Wellingtons have travelled to various parts of India ( Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Thirunelveli….) to share the word of God in different churches and conventions. Just about every 6 months they travel to India from Bahrain for these meetings arranged by various ministry ambassadors. In the 2010s, JESUS MARVELLOUS also started the video ministry by recording powerful messages in DVDs and streaming live WebTV from Bahrain and today these videos are taken all around the world carrying words of comfort, healing and deliverance to people. The Jesus Marvellous Media wing has been very active in the 2010s with hosting the website and a 24 hour live WebTv.