Monthly Message

Seeking God

Dear children of God. We greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Nowadays the little children are seeking the lord diligently but some people do not seek God. I hope your children and your family members are seeking the Lord. The scripture says those who seek me will find me (Matthew 7:7). The scripture doesn’t lie. Our Lord Jesus Christ does not tell lies. God is not a man to change his mind. How is our life? Have you ever thought how our lives are? When problems and sickness comes to us whom are we seeking? Doctor or god. If you seek god, where will you seek him? If you seek doctor, where will you seek him? Some people go in search for a doctor to the hospital. In the modern world people call the doctor to their home. Some people recruit family doctors and pay them in a monthly basis. Sometimes diseases may vanish or healed or reduced. There aren’t any permanent solutions. Worldly people give ideas to go to the witch doctor, they lose their money. Keeping a permanent doctor at home or a witch doctor for advice and cannot be healed nor the problems solved. At last they hear the word of god by preachers. Maybe a word from the preachers healed them by the power of Jesus Christ without any hindrances. Either demonic powers or curses or problems or whatever it may be it will all turn into joy. Now who is the right person to seek in this world, worldly doctor or witch doctor or eternal God. What’s your decision? I hope you will decide to seek Jesus. If you are inspired to seek Jesus, read bible regularly and pray earnestly. If cannot read bible, then check your life style. Better confess your sins to Jesus by asking for forgiveness and to be washed by the blood of Jesus. If you do so the great joy of the lord is filling you right now. Problems are gone, your sickness al gone, your wickness is gone, your mind is set free to know God more and more. May God’s presence shine upon your face to become a victorious and prosperous person in the world. Your prosperity should be known to every man kind they should ask you how have you become like this? You should be a testimony for them by saying Jesus made me like this.

Reference: Acts 1:8

May God Bless You.